Karen Gallagher Consulting

Fundraising consultancy for the voluntary and community sector in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the UK and Internationally. Karen Gallagher Consulting can give your fundraising efforts a boost and help your organisation make the most of the resources available.

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Karen Gallagher Consulting is a highly skilled fundraising and direct marketing consultant offering services and expertise to the charitable and not-for-profit sector. I can facilitate or implement an effective and accountable programme of activity to enable clients to maximise supporter recruitment, engagement and long term income growth.

Direct Marketing Fundraising is a fundamental element of charity fundraising and can generate significant income for fundraising organisations, informing potential supporters about the cause, asking for donations and to helping build a relationship with these supporters.

With lots more competition for scarce funding resources in today's economic environment, now is a good time for organisations to diversify their fundraising to include direct marketing from individuals into their fundraising mix.

Whilst offering my services to organisations of all sizes and sectors, smaller organisations often need to make their fundraising budgets work harder. I can help you achieve the best returns on your fundraising investment through a holistic approach to donor acquisition, retention and development.

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