Karen Gallagher Consulting


Karen Gallagher Consulting offers help, support and advice with strategy and planning or takes a hands on approach to help deliver a bespoke Direct Marketing programme in three steps.


Establish the current state of play, tailored reviews to suit your requirements and your budget.

If you are currently implementing direct marketing techniques or simply want to diversify your fundraising portfolio to include high return on investment initiatives then I can come into your organisation to undertake an audit to determine how direct marketing can become integrated into your existing fundraising mix.

  • Donor Targeting & Profiling
  • Donor Acquisition
  • Donor Retention & Development
  • The Donor Journey
  • Your Welcome Process
  • Donor Care
  • Integration with other fundraising techniques


Tell you how to do it - Development of Strategic Donor Marketing programmes appropriate for your organisation.

I can provide advice and make recommendations for how your organisation can deliver on the following:

  • Direct Marketing Campaign Project Management
  • Budgets & Planning
  • Fundraising Propositions and case for support
  • The use of Images and Messages
  • Campaign Analysis & Review
  • Key Evaluation and Performance Indicators for warm and cold activity
  • Sourcing and Managing External Suppliers (Print & Production, Design & Creative, Digital, Telemarketing, Direct Dialogue)
  • Data/database Management, Analysis & Segmentation
  • Legacies
  • Testing
  • Gift Aid
  • Data Protection
  • Legislation & Codes of Practice
  • Promotion of the importance of Direct Marketing to relevant stakeholders
  • Training & Mentoring


Help you make it happen - to raise the funds you need, either with you or for you.

Karen Gallagher Consulting can provide stand-alone consultancy and freelance direct marketing support as well as project management on all elements of direct marketing fundraising for your organisations by:

  • Identifying the most appropriate model for your organisation to achieve the best return on investment
  • Improve existing direct marketing programmes or establish them for the first time
  • Develop public appeals and campaigns
  • Develop a donor journey for new and existing supporters, campaigners and volunteers
  • Providing a bespoke solution to address your needs and to your budget
  • Work alongside your existing resource base or deliver the programme on your behalf
  • Provide whatever is needed, whenever it is needed.