Karen Gallagher Consulting

About Karen

Karen Gallagher is a Professional Fundraiser with 15 years experience in fundraising and fundraising management. Her experience is recent, relevant and results based.

Karen Gallagher

Throughout my career in fundraising, I have delivered multi-media, integrated marketing and fundraising campaigns with exceptional results, consistently delivering above average returns on investment. I have proven competency in strategic thinking and planning, have the ability to see 'the big picture', identify developments and trends and proactively create future responses and results that add sustainable value to organisations. I am highly flexible and rapidly adapt to new information, shifting context or unexpected obstacles to achieve great outcomes.

My passion, expertise and contribution have been recognised through winning international marketing awards. Flexibility, with a strong core sense of integrity, has made me a highly effective ambassador with high professional standing amongst my peers and the wider professional community. I am an influencer who has secured very strong partnerships and campaign buy in on a local, national and international level.

What others have to say about Karen

I have worked with Karen for well over 10 years and have always admired her deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of fundraising. In particular, Karen's proven track record in successful direct marketing is hard to match. She understands the process of planning, executing and evaluating campaigns and she takes the time to stand back and learn from each campaign before moving forward. She is refreshingly clear and always able to explain the process clearly without jargon. Her skills and experience are applicable to any organisation seeking to understand and apply direct marketing principles to raise funds. In short, I would recommend Karen thoroughly.

Alice Garrad,
Director Alice Garrad Consulting and Training People

I had the fortune to work closely with Karen Gallagher for almost 9 years. Karen is highly skilled in direct marketing, fundraising and an excellent manager. Karen is a strong leader and project manager having managed many important and complex campaigns. Karen takes a detailed and methodical approach to her work and is incredibly hard working. Her wider skills and experience combined with her knowledge of fundraising on a local level provide a much needed consultancy service for the Northern Ireland voluntary sector.

Breige McGinn,
Direct Marketing Manager, Children in Crossfire

I had the pleasure of working with Karen as part of the Direct Marketing Team in Concern Worldwide. Karen is someone who has an amazing eye for detail, anything from copywriting to analysis. She listens to feedback, ideas and suggestions from team members at all levels. She is honest and fair in her approach with both internal and external stakeholders. She taught me a lot about the subject of direct marketing fundraising, guiding me on both the operational and tactical day to day processes and procedures but also on long term strategic development.

Angela Whyte,
Head of Donor Marketing, Republic of Ireland, Concern Worldwide

I have known and worked with Karen for many years both as a colleague within Concern worldwide and as board member of CADA. Karen has great integrity, she is a wonderful listener and has an ability to absorb information, and using her excellent analytical skills make informed decisions. She has a strategic approach to work, is industrious and sets and adheres to timelines.

Linda McClelland,
CEO of War on Want NI